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We launched a new app, Geo Measure, which you can quickly measure the area on your iPad / iPhone. I would like to share a tip to pass the polygon shape on Google Earth App without going back to your computer.

Let’s build a polygon first.

1. Simply tap around the area which you want to cover. If you made mistake, you can undo or erase entire polygon.

2. After finishing the polygon, click Action button on top. Select Save KML option.

3. Once email the kml file to yourself, you will see the kml file in attachment section.

4. Press and hold down on the attachment and you will get Open In Google Earth option.

In this way, you can quickly indicate a certain area for someone.


Step 1: Build a polygon and click Save KML

Step 2: Email to yourself, and keep pressing the kml file attachment.

Step3: Now the polygon is available on Google Earth App.


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