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Relax east cost!

I just experienced earthquake and we evacuated from our building. After 5 minutes, I noticed my co-worker start checking-in 4-square’s new place “Earthquake Apocalypse in Long Island” – ok folks, relax :) .

I did not get data from my seismometer app but there is an interesting research by USGS. Virginia is expected earthquake area , “Virginia is classified as a “moderate” seismic risk, and has a 10-20% chance to experience a 4.75 quake every century or so. “

It seems it just happened in last hour.


Combined Result – Actual Earthquake Location v.s. Possible Area

Earthquake Map - Actual Location v.s. Possible Area

By the way, the depth 0.1km is very shallow. USGS might update this soon?
Actual Earthquake Location

Actual Earthquake Location


Probability of earthquake greater than 4.75 magnitude within next 100 years

Possible Area around Richmond, VA



All previous earthquakes:

Last big one is in 1976.


Note: USGS updated the data. Now it’s M5.8 and the depth is 6km.




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