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Archive for February 11th, 2012

Geo Measure App Updated

Our another Mobile GIS app, GeoMeasure, is updated for Japanese users. We also included “Tsubo” (=3.3m^2) which is new unit for Japanese real estate agency. Here is a trivia about this unique unit. Since rice production started in ancient Japanese history, they used to use rice to exchanging goods, paying salary, etc… Ancient Japanese IRS also decided to collect tax based on the amount of rice in your paddy field. There is another unit called “Dan” and a farmer can harvest certain amount of rice that you can feed yourself for 365 days. If you divide 1 Dan by 365 which is the exact amount of rice that you eat in one day, you get 1 Tsubo. Therefore, 365 Tsubo = 1 Dan.


Original Article: ObjectGraph Press Release