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Archive for March 24th, 2012

I’m excited to announce our new app “Geo Elevation” in the iTune’s App Store. You might think, “wait a minute, is that a simple “Elevation” app just to show what’s the elevation of your current location?” NO IT’S NOT THAT KIND OF SIMPLE APP!


This app allows users to draw the polygon on Google Map to generate 2-D cross-sectional elevation chart! I am an Earth Science major grad student, and I had lab session to draw cross-sectional chart based oncontour map. But wait, that lab exercise is too simple – compare to schematics of terrain in the real world. In this app, you can drawthe path with way points as many as you want. For example, you would build a chart of up and down hills map before the weekend bike ride.

The awesome part of this app is when you explorer the cross-sectional bathymetric chart in the ocean. Try to generate a chart of any continental shelves and tranches. The side view will tell you the local oceanic basin profile intuitively. What I recently discoveredis beautiful U-shape in fjord. Draw the cut-through path across fjord bay in either north Canada, Norway or Greenland coast as following image.

If you are teaching Geology in your School, and if you use this app in your lab session, please let us know! Please add comments below or sendyour feedback to info [-at-]

P.S. If you have iPad, I definitely use it because it’s bigger screen. We optimize graphic for it.

Click here to download!