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Hello, my name is Kiichi Takeuchi. I’m a software developer at Long Island University. I also taught few courses as an adjunct professor and I am a graduate student in Earth and Environmental Science at C.W. Post campus now.

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Other Projects


Here is a list of my interests about GIS now.


  • Use Google Map API – Earthquake Epicenter
  • Develop iPhone App with MapKit
  • Write an article about MapKit
  • Generate Heatmap using  PHP  and MySQL
  • Learn ArcGIS Desktop
  • Install ArcGIS Server
  • Install MapWindow on Windows
  • Install PostGIS
  • Install Spatialite
  • Install node.js
  • Load KML on iPhone
  • Try example of ArcGIS API for iPhone
  • Try Google Fusion Tables
  • Submit Data from iPhone to Google Fusion Tables
  • Build Interpolation Map


  • Create a simple website on ArcGIS Server
  • Compile Spatialite on iPhone
  • Do something cool with node.js
  • Create REST service in ESRI format
  • NumPy – Try many features: Interpolate, FFT, Curve Fit, etc…
  • Try AR SimpleGEO HP
  • Try shapely

4 Responses to “About”

  1. David Day says:

    I ran across your blog while searching for a solution. Maybe you can help me.
    I’m having a programmer publish my data in Google Fusion Table. It serves like a website and people can look up the pickup and delivery time for their items.
    The data file david.csv is updated daily. Is there anyway I can auto upload this file to Fusion table without having to manually do import daily ? The programmer does not think so.

  2. Steve Bein says:

    May I please use a coupl of your photos for a presentation on mobile GIS app?
    Thanks in advance! Steve…

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