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Python and Geometry


GDAL/OGR is a handy and heavy duty geometric library in Python. If you use any GIS systems, you often see “Python Console” which allows you to calculate complicated spatial computation. In GIS software, you can do this using your mouse (e.g. ArcGIS Toolbox and Spatial Analysis Extension); however, you need this technique if you need to customize or automate the process. I start using this library since I’m taking GIS course at Long Island University. In this blog entry, I would like to have an introductory tutorial how to handle geometry in Python using GDAL/OGR. If you do not have a Python setup, the easiest way is to open up Python Console window in GIS system. ArcGIS has python console but if you do not have access to ArcGIS, I recommend to use QGIS which is an open source software for free and it’s available for various platform. Since I’m using Mac, I’ll show those examples on QGIS below.

Download QGIS

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